why we learn python forever, yes forever..!

why we learn python

Do you still confuse to learn good programming in the 21st century? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. In this tutorial, I will discuss why we learn python for the 21st century.

Python is simple programming to learn and build things, you can build Robotics, websites, web apps, games, GUIs and many more.

let me explain each of them to get more interest to learn python. Before that, I want to clear some of the FAQs. These questions asked by some of my youtube subscribers and Facebook page followers.

1. can we learn python online.?

Yes, we can. It is damn easy programming, you can learn easily with online tutorials and videos. you can move with basics to advance easily by understanding the functionality of someone’s code in Github or other resources.

2. can we learn python at home..?

yes, without going to any institute you can learn python on your own. you just need a good laptop and internet connection, more importantly, you need interest and patience to learn.

3. Can we learn python in a week..?

of course a Big No. But you can understand the basics of python. There are so many things to learn and explore in python.

4. In how many days we can learn python..?

It will totally depend on you. If you are completely new to the programming world, it will take at least 45 days to understand the python programming structure and functionality.

5. can we learn python without any prior programming knowledge..?

I heard this question a lot of times, I think this is the right place to answer this question. some of the training institutes and people give a wrong suggestion to beginners of python.

Some of my students also asked me “do we need java to learn python..?”. I literally laughed at them, because of its stupidity. I can say you don’t need any prior programming knowledge to learn python programming.

Let me give you the best advice to why you learn python and what we can we do with python.

Learn python for robotics

Many of us know the robotics domain is the future, robotics can change human lives dramatically. There are so many fields that need robots in place of humans. of course, this caused unemployment but it is better in some particular works.

To build robots we need python scripts and apply on raspberry pi. If you are interested to build robots, choose python as your primary programming and build your assistances.

Learn python machine learning and Data science

Data science and machine learning are buzz words in the current IT world. Data science gives us more insights about customers, we can make business with each data point.

machine learning can help us to predict the results and it will tell you the future of your business.

There is a number of classical algorithms to predict results based on your training data. And also we can recommend the products and services to the right customers without human interaction.

Deep learning can help us to find new patterns of data and create artificial things without human interaction. There are so many powerful algorithms like CNN, RNN, and genetic algorithms, etc.

we have powerful frameworks o deal with deep learning like Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch and many more.

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Python for Automation

you know most of the web automation and system automation were done by python programming. If you were really interested to automate the things, python is the best choice to automate things. It will save your hours of time.

There are thousands of packages to lead you to TRUE automation in python. let’s automate all your tasks.

Python for web development

Creating websites is one of my favorite art. I love to design and maintain websites with pretty colors, animations, and smooth functionality.

For web development in python, we have so many frameworks, but most popular are Flask and Django.

Flask is a simple and micro-framework, it is fully customizable and damn easy to learn and build things. So many machine learning models are deployed through flask apps.

Django is a beautiful framework to create large scale websites like Instagram, etc. It provides a full package bundle, you just focus on your idea, everything managed by the Django framework.

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Create GUIs with Python

Creating GUIs are simple and efficient in python. we can build any GUIs within days. There are so many libraries for creating GUIs in python like Tkinter, PQt5, and many more.

we can insert our software into GUIs to efficient usage.

Build Games with Python

Python is also used to build games. It is very easy and simple to create games in python. Pygame package can help us to create damn games. you can publish your games in play store and IOS.

we can build apps using the Kivy package. Kivy is a beautiful package to cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile.

Develop once and publish in all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

we can use python for hacking also. I hope these are enough to change your mind to learn python.

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