How to find all links in a website using python web scraping

how to find all links in a website using Python web scraping

Hello guys! I am so excited to write this article, In this tutorial, I present you how to find all links in a website using Python web scraping. Web scraping using python helps us to grab data from any website.

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oK, Alright! let’s dig into the main topic today. First things first, you need to install 2 required packages.

# pip install requests

# pip install bs4

requests: It is used for accessing the website. To read more about requests read here Docs.

BS4: It is used for accessing the HTML elements of a webpage.

You can check all the things about BeautifulSoup here Docs.

Find all links in a website using python web scraping

Here I am giving the full code of this tutorial.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

url = ''  # Use your Website links

res = requests.get(url).content

soup = BeautifulSoup(res,'html.parser')

links = soup.find_all('a')

for link in links:

we get the response using the requests library. we pass the response to create soup object. soup objects help us to access the HTML elements on a webpage.

Here, I used html.parser, you can use other parsers like XML also, please check the doc.

If you are familiar with HTML, all links are written in an anchor tag ( a tag ). So I find a tag in res using a beautiful soup object.

soup.find_all(‘a’) : Used to find a tag in res object.

In a tag, we wrote links href attribute. We use for loop to iterate all href in the links list.

we get all links on a website as output.

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