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1. Cheat Sheets for AI pdf

Covered all AI & Data science with Python topics. Please Download here

2. AI for ALL cheat-sheet

This AI for ALL cheat-sheet helps you a lot and It has a useful resources. Please Download Here

3. Data Science Interview Questions – PDF by 365

Covered all Interview questions including with behavioural interview questions. Please Download Here

4. Top 50 Machine Interview Questions by GURU

Most frequently asked Top 50 ML Questions. Please Download Here

5. Python For Data Science – cheat-sheet

It covers most of the Data science topics and its simple to read. Please Download here

6. Data Science Cheat Sheet

Personally, I read this. This is an amazing cheat-sheet. Please download here

7. Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data

It covered all the trending technologies. Please download here

8. Python Data science Handbook pdf

Full Book pdf with clear examples – Please download here.

9. Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow

Full Book pdf with clear examples – Please download here

10. Python cheat-sheet pdf

It covers all the python concepts ,data visualization libraries and python Django framework. Please Download here.

11. Python for Data science cheat-sheet pdf

It covers all the python for data science modules/libraries. Please Download here.

12. Pandas for Data analysis cheat-sheet pdf

It covers all methods in pandas for data analysis. Please Download here.

13. Deep learning super cheat-sheet pdf

Awesome deep learning cheat-sheet. Please Download here.

14. Probability Cheat-sheet pdf

It covers all the probability concepts. Please Download here.

15. Machine learning Cheat-sheet pdf

It covers all the Machine learning algorithms. Please Download Here.

16. Machine learning Formulas

It covers all the required formulas for machine learning. Please Download Here.

17. Machine learning Algorithms – Pros & Cons

Very Very Interesting and simple tutorial, it covers machine learning algorithms Pros and Cons. Please Download Here.

18. Supervised Machine learning Book pdf

It covers all the supervised machine learning algorithms with mathematical formulas. Please Download Here.

19. A smarter way to Learn Python Fast Book pdf

Well explained all the topics that you need in Python. Please Download Here.

20. Neural Networks And Deep Learning Book pdf

It covers all the deep learning topics. Please Download here.